Company Profile

Tipco Asphalt Public Company Limited (“the Company”) was established in 1979. The Company, its subsidiaries, joint ventures and associated companies (“the Group”) are leading manufacturers and distributors of asphalt products for repairing, maintaining and constructing road pavements, highways and airport runways in Thailand and Asia-Pacific region. Its asphalt products are sold to importers and road contractors in Africa, Australia and North America as well.

The Company also sells non-asphalt products, such as naphtha, gas oil and fuel oil, from its asphalt crude refining process to oil traders and refineries in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. In late 2016, the Company entered into pavement and airport runway repair and construction activities by taking up a 25% stake in a Thai construction company and its wholly owned subsidiary that specialized in pavement, highway and airport runways repair and construction.

With the cooperation of one of its major shareholders, Colas S.A. of France (“Colas”) (world leader in construction and maintenance of transport infrastructures), the Group is able to deliver the highest quality asphalt products and innovative road pavements to its customers.