Whistleblowing Policy

The Board of Directors had provided channels for stakeholders for complaints and reporting illegal acts. In the event of noticing (or suspecting) a violation of or non-compliance with the Code of Ethics, questions or complaints can be sent preferably to our Independent Directors or Company Secretary at following emails:

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Name Position Email
1 Mr. Chainoi Puankosoom Independent Director chainoi.puankosoom@gmail.com Or
2 Mr. Koh Ban Heng Independent Director banheng239@gmail.com Or
3 Mr. Niphon Suthimai Independent Director philippesuthimai@gmail.com Or
4 Mr. Nopporn Thepsithar Independent Director nopporn.thepsithar@gmail.com Or
5 Mr. Phirasilp Subhapholsiri Independent Director phirasilp@gmail.com Or
6 Mr. Thanapol Laosiripong Company Secretary thanapol_lao@tipcoasphalt.com