Asphalt Emulsion

Asphalt Emulsion is an aqueous homogenous solution in a liquid bituminous material using an emulsifier. It maintains a level of liquidity suitable for each type of road construction, mixing with aggregate or paving on the road surface. Water in Asphalt Emulsion will evaporate and let the asphalt continuously form up as a film covering the aggregate or road surface. The speed of such formation depends on the quality (grade), usage volume and type of chemical used in the production of the Asphalt Emulsion. A key property of the asphalt in Asphalt Emulsion is cohesion as well as waterproofing.

Its property is in accordance with the following standard:

  • TIS. 371-2530
  • ASTM D2397


Grade Asphalt Grade Applications
Rapid-Setting CRS-1 Tack Coat
CRS-2 Single Surface Treatment or Chip Seal/
First Layer of Cape Seal, Double Surface Treatment,
Tack Coat
Medium-Setting CMS-2, CMS-2h Cold Mixed, Patching, Deep Patching, Premix
Slow-Setting CSS-1 Prime Coat
CSS-1h Slurry Seal/Second Layer of Cape Seal, Fog Seal,
Prime Coat, Soil Quality Improvement
EAP Specification No. DH-SP. 410/2014
Prime Coat


  • Do not load the product using a high pressure pump.
  • Gently agitate or drum recirculation before using, avoid rigorous agitation.
  • Sample containers should be dry and clean, not contaminated with oil or solder flux.
  • Storage containers should be kept separately and the contents are clearly identified.
  • Wear proper protective clothing to protect burning. Gloves and goggles should be used.