Cutback Asphalt

Cutback Asphalt is fluid asphalt created by adding petroleum solvent (e.g. naphtha or kerosene) to the base asphalt. This product is designed to provide maximum mixing stability, it does not separate or settle easily can be classified depending upon breaking capacity.

Its property is in accordance with the following standard:

  • TIS. 865-2544
  • ASTM D2028
  • ASTM D2027


Type Asphalt Grade Applications
Rapid-Curing RC-250 Tack Coat, Single Surface Treatment
or Chip Seal, Double Surface Treatment
Medium-Curing MC-30, MC-70 Prime Coat


  • Avoid working or storing near any source of flame or excess heat.
  • Temperature in storage tanks should not exceed 150°C as the quality may be affected.
  • Sample containers should be dry and clean, not contaminated with oil or solder flux.
  • Storage containers should be kept separately and the contents are clearly identified.
  • Wear proper protective clothing to protect burning. Gloves and goggles should be used.