Job Opportunities

Chartering Manager (1 Position)

Job Description :

Managing the chartering activities for the group’s internal and external bitumen and non-bitumen vessels. Responsible for the vessel’s utilization, maximize the voyage profit, monitor closely all the voyage costs, maintain market intelligence and keep related parties informed, develop strategies to improve the chartering activities. 

Job Duties/Responsibilities:
• Supervising all chartering activities [out & in] for the group’s owned vessels and external vessels to support the company’s shipping requirements for both International and domestic shipments on both bitumen and non-bitumen sales activities including monitoring the processes of the vessel’s sourcing, negotiation of freight, T/C and demurrage rates, review of chartering contracts, coordination of the vessels’ schedules, ensure smoothness of all  matters relating to chartering.
• Responsible for the utilization of Group’s fleet and maximization of trading time.
• Contribute to the profit of all the shipments by ensuring the income for each voyage covers the voyage costs and achieve the appropriate freight margins, and making sure the freights and demurrage amounts invoiced are received in the account while also reducing the voyage costs.
• Ensure the Chartering team maximize the company’s profit including maximizing the cargo quantity to be loaded on all the vessels when fixing the shipments with internal and external charterers.
• Maintain and improve freight and shipping-costing system to provide customers and the management with prompt and accurate information on internal or external freight costs for various usual and unusual routes.
• Set up, develop and maintain shipping-market-intelligence system on bitumen shipping industry such as shipping market situation, movements/positions of ships in the region, market freight rates, ship database, and information on new ships.
• Arrange charterer’s-liability-insurance covers & payments for chartering-in crude and bitumen vessels
• Develop and implement strategies to improve chartering activities and cost efficiency including having direct liaison and consulting with the Director Marine Group.

Qualification :

• Master’s Degree with 7 years’ experience and above
• Good knowledge and experience in vessel chartering, shipping operations and handling of chartering contracts
• Having high English proficiency including speaking, reading and writing
• Having team management skills
• Having good negotiation skills
• Having good problem solving skills
• Having good interpersonal and communication skills
• Able to prioritize workload and handle pressure from commercial and time-management matters
• Able to use computer and regular office software