Job Opportunities

Quality Assurance and Control Manager (Construction) (1 Position)

Job Description :

Quality Assurance and Control Manager is responsible for ensuring that the quality management system (QMS) is fully implemented in an organized and efficient manner. In addition, The QA/QC Manager is responsible for delegating and assigning tasks to QA/QC Supervisors and working closely with related engineering, construction, contract and procurement departments in order to ensuring that comply with the target requirements, codes, standards, specification, SSHE (Safety, Security, Health, and Environmental) requirements and relevant regulations in which the company business can run smoothly in efficient time, cost, and quality.

Job Responsibilities:
• Reporting to Project Manager,
• Determining, negotiating and agreeing on in-house quality procedures, standards and specifications,
• Investigating and setting standards for quality assurance and control,
• Managing and overseeing project quality to ensure compliance to codes, standards, regulations, equipment specific specifications, and QMS requirements,
• Advancing quality achievement and performance improvement throughout the organization.
• Managing the development and implementation of the QMS for planning, construction, inspection, documentation, and operations activities including:
- Planning duties within the QA/QC staff and related work schedules;
- Establishing service standards for end users (i.e., internal department or external customer);
- Identifying and developing QA/QC personnel certification requirements and
continuing education/training needs;
- Providing leadership, mentorship, and direction of all QA/QC personnel.
• Managing plant integrity through a failure analysis reporting system and following up on recommendations,
• Overseeing supervision of all visual inspections and test, including 3rd party subcontractors,
• Managing inspection and testing plans for new construction, repair work, and alterations,
• Identifying and develop solutions to correct inspection function deficiencies,
• Managing construction processes, plant equipment, inspection and test certification and QMS internal audits,
• Specifying quality requirements of raw materials with suppliers,
• Supervising technical or laboratory staff,
• Collaborating and coordinating with other internal departments and Employer or Employers’ representative.

Qualification :

• Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or any related fields.
• Minimum 10 years experiences in quality assurance and control system.
• Minimum 5 years experiences implementing QMS in the construction project
• Experience in construction of ground improvement and/or airfield ground lighting are preferred.
• Good supervisory skills and resulted oriented.
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Great Systematic and analytical thinking.
• English proficiency.
• Good computer skills - Microsoft office programs.