Job Opportunities

Project Technical and Engineering Lead/Manager (Construction) (1 Position)

Job Description :

Project Technical and Engineering Lead/Manager is responsible for ensuring that the technical and/or engineering information have been coordinated, transferred, and communicated to the related parties and comply with the target requirements, codes, standards, specification, SSHE (Safety, Security, Health, and Environmental) requirements, and relevant regulations in efficient manner for time, cost, and quality.

Job Responsibilities:
• Reporting to Method/Technical Manager,
• Liaising between the subcontractors for engineering services and survey services and company working teams,
• Managing and supervising subcontractor for engineering services to generate and prepare of shop drawings, Building Information Modeling (BIM), as-built drawings and minor engineering issue complying with the work execution plan,
• Managing and supervising subcontractor for survey services to generate and provide survey information complying with the work execution plan,  
• Ensuring that the shop drawings for construction are consistent with the contract drawings put forward/accepted by the Client and its supervisor.
• Resolving any contradiction issue (if any) between the shop drawings for construction and the contract drawings with optimizing budget and scheme,     
• Following up on variations and adjustments to the project regarding technical and engineering issues during the works phase, ensuring consistency between business lines via summary plans
• Making technical-financial proposals in the event of unforeseen technical issues
• Where necessary, generating work order for additional works upon the agreed scope of engineering services and survey services,
• Coordinating activities with Joint venture partners’ technical teams, 
• Serving as the technical contact for the project supervisor and control personnel
• Performing such other duties as the Supervisor may from time to time deem necessary.

Qualification :

• Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or any related fields.
• Engineering license is required.
• Minimum 10 years experiences in construction industry.
• Minimum 5 years experiences as technical and engineering lead or manager to coordinate and manage technical and engineering issues,
• Good supervisory skills and resulted oriented.
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Great Systematic and analytical thinking.
• English proficiency.
• Good computer skills – Technical/Engineering programs and Microsoft office programs.