Modified Asphalt Emultion

Modified Asphalt Emulsion is a special grade of Asphalt Emulsion produced by mixing the Asphalt Emulsion with polymer or other appropriate materials to yield greater advantage over normal Asphalt Emulsion. The advantages are as follows:

  • High softening point.
  • High elastic recovery.
  • High cohesion.
  • Low sensitivity to temperature.

Its property is in accordance with the following standard:

  • TIS. 2157-2547


Type Asphalt Grade Applications
Rapid-Setting CRS-1P Tack Coat
CRS-2P Single Surface Treatment or Chip Seal/
First Layer of Para Cape Seal, Double Surface Treatment,
Tack Coat
Medium-Setting CMS-2hP Cold Mix, Patching, Deep Patching, Premix
Slow-Setting CSS-1hP Para Slurry Seal/Second Layer of Para Cape Seal,
Color Para Slurry Seal


  • Do not load the product using a high pressure pump.
  • Gently agitate or drum recirculation before using, avoid rigorous agitation.
  • Sample containers should be dry and clean, not contaminated with oil or solder flux.
  • Storage containers should be kept separately and the contents are clearly identified.
  • Wear proper protective clothing to protect burning. Gloves and goggles should be used.