Tipco Premix

Tipco Premix is pre-mixed asphalt composed of standard gravel, special formulated asphalt and an additive which enhances adhesion. Tipco Premix is applicable for any patching, pothole, reinstatement, temporary surfacing and repair.

Tipco Premix is suitable for both asphalt and concrete surfaces such as roadways, footpaths, walkways, curbs, speed-bumps, parking lots, residential streets and temporary ramps.

Tipco Premix is packaged and sealed in a double-layer plastic bag with a net weight of 20 kg., which is enough to repair a road hole with dimension of 0.25 square meters and 5 centimeters in depth (or 4 bags to 1 square meter, 5 centimeter deep).


Its property is in accordance with the following standard :
  • TIS. 2916-2561 Grade 4

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