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Employee’s Consent Form of Job applicant’s :
Collect, use and disclosure of personal data

I, hereby “the Data Subject”, give consent to Tipco Asphalt Group, “the Data Controller”, to collect, use and disclose my personal data under these following conditions :

1. In the process of selection and recruitment process : (1) to verify your identity and all of the information that you have given to the Group; (2) to assess your qualification against the selection criteria of the job position that you are applying for; and (3) to contact and coordinate with you during the recruitment process.

2. The Group shall collect, use and disclose the data subject’s personal data in only where the data subject provides consent. Allowing the consent is voluntarily agreed by the data subject. The consent must be made in signed accordingly.

3. The Group store your personal data for 5 years from when the data subject has declared intension to apply for the job in our selection and recruitment processes of the Group per the consent basis, according to the Personal Data Protection Act BE2562.

4. We shall not disclose your personal data to other third party unless in necessity to following persons:

(1) to third party service provider providing background check or any service providers being engaged to provider relating services to the Company’s recruitment process;

(2) to the Company’s affiliates that may have the job position that may match with your interest or qualifications; and

(3) to any reference contact person that the Company may need to contact with for your reference check

5. In cases the data subject is not convenient with the privacy right and would like to withdraw consent, the data controller shall inform the data subject of consequences to the withdrawal.

The data subject shall be able to notify the consent withdrawal to the Data controller : Ms. Sawanee Wisitsorraard, tel. 02-273-6000 or email and; or Data Protection Officer : Ms. Udomporn Punpatch at email :

I acknowledge and understand the Recruitment Privacy Notice; and represent that all the information that I have provided under this application form is true and correct and in case any personal data of any person has been disclosed to the Company, I have obtained consent from relevant data subjects.