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Tipco Premix (20 KG)

is a pre-mixed asphalt product consisting of selected aggregate and specially formulated asphalt. Tipco premix is used for pothole patching and/or temporary road surface repair for both asphalt and concrete based surfaces for various areas such as roadways, footpaths, walkways, curbs, speedbumps, parking lots, residential streets, and temporary ramps.

One package of Tipco Premix contains sufficient pre-mixed gravel and asphalt for a pothole that is 0.25 square meter and 5 centimeters in-depth (or 4 bags to fill up 1 square meter and 5 centimeters deep pothole).

Its properties are in accordance with the following standards:

Available in Thailand


  • Skin patching
  • Pothole repair
  • Temporary surfacing

Product Safety & Handling Recommendations: ​

  • In case of not used up at once, Tipco Premix can be stored for future use if the bag is re-sealed tightly after being used and kept under good storage conditions for up to 3 months.
  • Disposal of all waste should be accordance with the local state or legislation. Consult an accredited waste disposal contractor or the local authority for advice.

Tipco Hand Tamper

is a tool used to provide ease and convenience when molding and paving Tipco Premix to increase firmness and smoothness.


  • The length of the handle is 1.40 meters
  • Metal flat plates size 8×8 inch
  • Net weight 5.35 kg

Available in Thailand


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