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What is the business of Tipco Asphalt Public Company Limited (TASCO) ?

TASCO is the leading producer and distributor of asphalt products. In addition, TASCO is also the producer of petroleum by-products from its dedicated Asphalt refinery in Malaysia. Our Mission 2020 is “To be a globally preferred integrated asphalt and petroleum product company”.

How many products of asphalt product ?

TASCO has more than 50 grades/types of asphalt products used for road maintenance and construction as well as airport runways. The conventional product is known as “asphalt cement or bitumen”. Other premium asphalt products are asphalt emulsion, polymer modified asphalt, etc.

What is the output from refinery in Malaysia ?

TASCO owns a dedicated asphalt refinery in Malaysia which produces “straight-run” asphalt cement and other petroleum products such as AGO, VGO, Naphtha, and Kerosene from heavy crude oil procured from South America. A typical heavy and sour crude will yield approximately 60-70% of asphalt cement and remaining 30-40% of petroleum products from our refinery.

Does refinery in Malaysia also manufacture premium product ?

No, it does not. Manufacturing process is an “added value” process to enhance the conventional asphalt cement into premium asphalt products for specific applications. TASCO has these manufacturing plants and terminals across Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Cambodia.

Who are the TASCO’s customers ?

TASCO’s customers are contractors, traders, terminal owners and distributors in local and international markets.

What factors determine the asphalt demand ?

Asphalt is primarily used for new road construction and routine road maintenance. In general term, the GDP growth outlook of the country will be used to project medium to long term projection on the Asphalt demand. Government’s annual and special budget on new road construction and routine road maintenance will provide a more accurate estimation of yearly Asphalt demand.

Why does TASCO own vessels ?

TASCO needs asphalt vessels to deliver asphalt from its refinery and other refineries in the region to customers in many countries in Asia Pacific. These asphalt vessels are specialized tankers with high heating capability and good cargo tank insulation.