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Whistleblowing Policy

We encourage all employees and any stakeholder to raise questions and concerns that they may have regarding the Company’s compliance to our Corporate Governance and Code of Ethics.

If any of our employees or stakeholders notice (or suspect) any violation or non-compliance with the Company’s Code of Ethics, they may direct their enquiries or complaints by phone, e-mail, letter or in person to inform any one of the following individuals:

  1. Independent Director
  2. Chief People Officer
  3. Head of Internal Audit 
  4. Company Secretary

If the issue/complaint is raised against any employees under the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), such matter must be reported to the CEO within 24 hours and a factfinding committee will be formed to perform the investigation.  The committee must report its finding to the CEO within 14 days.

If the issue/complaint is raised against the Chief Executive Officer, within 24 hours it must be reported to the Board of Directors and the factfinding committee must report its results within 14 days to the Board of Directors. 

The Human Capital Management Department will then collect the investigation reports, notify the whistleblower and the Board of Directors, as well as the person who received the complaint.

List of Independent Company Director

Mr. Chainoi PuankosoomIndependent Director
Mr. Koh Ban HengIndependent Director
Mr. Niphon SuthimaiIndependent Director
Mr. Nopporn ThepsitharIndependent Director
Mr. Phirasilp SubhapholsiriIndependent Director
Mr. Jean–Marie VerbruggheIndependent Director

Whistleblowing FormAll whistleblowers are required to submit factual information and must not incriminate others without sufficient evidence.