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Energy Management

TIPCO Asphalt Group strives for better efficiency by producing more with less energy consumption

GRI 302-1, GRI 302-3 and GRI 302-4 ISO 26000 ISO 14001 and ISO 14001

Management Approach

TIPCO Asphalt Group gives high priority on efficient energy management. Realizing that energy consumption is one of the key production costs as well as cause
for greenhouse gas emissions, the Group has managed our energy and fuel consumption very well, with our stakeholders are regularly informed about our
energy use. Innovation ideas are constantly encouraged and promoted to find solutions to maximize our energy consumption efficiency.

Policy: Environmental Policy (Link PDF)

Stakeholders : 

Employees, Government, and Community

Short-term goals :

1. At least 5% reduction in energy and fuel consumption for product heating of Thailand Operation Department, as compared to base year 2018

Long-term goals :

1. At least 6% reduction in energy consumption from overall production, as compared to base year 2020

Key Performances :

In 2020, The Group also launched 5 energy conservation projects with the objective of optimizing energy consumption for greater efficiency. These projects were submitted to the annual Innovative Solutions Award Contest to encourage and raise employees’ awareness on energy consumption during production as well as in their daily lives both during- and off-work hours, in order to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, to achieve the ultimate goal on sustainability.

1.215,138 Gigajoule of total energy consumption in 2020, representing 0.40 gigajoule per production tons  (intensity), or 22% decline as compared to base year 2018

2.11% reduction in energy and fuel consumption for product heating prior to sales (5 plants in Thailand*), was recorded, as compared to baseline year 2019. This is in line with weekly sales plan revision in response to customer needs. Also, there were improvements Hot Oil Boiler system and asphalt cement production quality through natural rubber latex

Total energy consumption (Gigajoules)
and energy consumption intensity
(Gigajoule per production ton)

Total energy/fuel consumption for
production and product heating
prior to sales (Gigajoules) and energy
consumption intensity for heating (Gigajoule per production ton)