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Greenhouse Gas Management

TIPCO Asphalt Group inspires to help solving global warming concern through process improvements and lower greenhouse gas emission

GRI 305-1 ,GRI 305-2 ,GRI 305-4 and GRI 305-5 ISO 26000 ISO 14001 and ISO 14064

Management Approach

The Group focuses on innovations implemented to lower greenhouse gas emissions, both directly and indirectly to help with climate change at domestic and international levels. The Group setups targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction across our refinery, production, storage, and distribution processes. The Group implements a series of innovations such as automated equipment control, online systems applications in production, QC, inventory control and product distribution to optimize system efficiency while minimizing work time and costs 

Policy: Environmental Policy (Link PDF)

Stakeholders :

Employees, Government, and Community

Short-term goals :

  1. Reduce greenhouse gas emission intensity (scopes 1 and 2 ) by at least 6 % from 2018

Long-term goals :

  1. Reduce greenhouse gas emission intensity (scopes 1 and 2 ) by at least 6 % by 2025, as compared to 2020 
  2. Greenhouse gas emissions (scope 3 ) data disclosure by 2025

Key Performances :

The Group commits to develop and implement new innovations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions despite those innovations may not yet be able to achieve significant reduction results. These small beginnings of our innovation journey since 2019 can encourage all employees in terms of raising their awareness and participation in greenhouse gas emissions reduction, both during- and off-work hours.
    1.Greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1,2) equal 17,275 tons CO2 equivalent
    2.Greenhouse gas emission intensity (Scope 1,2) equals 0.032 kilogram CO2 per production tons, representing 22% reduction as compared to 2018 and hence achieving our target

TIPCO Asphalt Group : Greenhouse Gas Emissions:
Percentage Breakdown by Business Activity