COVID-19 Prevention and Assistance Project

Tipco Asphalt Group supported Aura, Tipco Juice and face masks to several medical personnel in May, to fight against and prevent the COVID-19 pandemic

5 May
Ministry of Social Development and human security
Aura 500ml 835 packs (10,020 bottles) Tipco Juice 200ml 420 cartons (10,080 boxes)
11 May
Ramathibodi Hospital Rama 6 
Aura 500ml 1,000 packs (12,000 bottles)
12 May
Ramadhibodi Chakri Naruebodindra Hospital
Aura 500ml 700 packs (8,400 bottles)
14 May
Ministry of Labour
Face mask 400 cartons (20,000 pieces) distributed to communities in Bangkok
17 May
Medical Service Department
Tipco Juice 200ml 200 cartons (4,800 boxes)
24 May
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration General HospitalAura 500ml 20 packs (240 bottles) Tipco Juice 200ml 20 cartons (480 boxes)
31 May
“Thai Ruam Jai Safe Bangkok” Project collaborate with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration General Hospital at University of the Chamber of Commerce location
Tipco Juice 200ml 250 cartons (6,000 boxes)