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Water Management

We aim to use and reuse water responsibly in our production lines as much as possible

GRI 303-3, ISO 26000 and ISO 14001

Management Approach

Water is one of the key components in our production of asphalt emulsion. To ensure adequate water supply, all manufacturing facilities contain a surface water reservoir to decrease dependency on public water supply. Water drainage systems in the plants are designed so that water and any runoff waste is captured by the system so that we may reduce, reuse, and recycle for our internal use. This prevents public water contamination and shortage of water supply during droughts. 

Policy : Environmental Policy

Stakeholders :

Customers, Communities, Suppliers, and State Agencies

Short term goals :

  1. Reduce water withdrawal by 5% (2021 baseline)
  2. Zero complaints on public water

Long-term goals :

  1. Zero complaints related to water contamination from the community

2022 Key Performance Indicators for the Asphalt Business in Thailand :

  • 21% reduction of water withdrawal (2021 baseline)
  • 4.4% reduction in overall water consumption (2021 baseline)
  • 23% reduction in cubic meter of water per ton of asphalt production (2021 baseline)
  • 2.8 mega liters of wastewater recycled from production process
  • No public water related complaints

Water Consumption (Megaliters)

Remark : Water consumption for Asphalt Business and Head Office in Thailand

% Proportion of the water withdrawal in 2022

*TDS : Total Dissolved Solids