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Foster Innovation Culture

We build talents through innovation

ISO 26000 and ISO 9001

Management Approach

   Our approach to drive innovation culture is through our which focuses on inspiring our people, coaching them, and providing incentives to initiate and execute innovate ideas. This has come in the form of our program, and our activities. Successful projects will have tangible business applications and social benefits.

   In 2022, we expanded these programs to incorporate cross-functionality and multi-disciplined teams. With positive results, by 2023 we look forward to creating innovative capabilities that can be extended to our partners and external stakeholders to “co-develop” projects together.

Policy: Innovation Policy

Stakeholder :

Employees, Customers, and Communities

Sort term goals :

  1. At least 50% of employee participation in the Innovation Bootcamp program
  2. Graduate more than 50% of the Innovation Bootcamp participants to Innovation Solution Award program
  3. More than 10 projects on “green innovation” (at least 5 projects that started in 2020)

Long term goals :

  1. Integration of “innovation” into corporate culture
  2. More than 25% increase in profits derived from innovation projects and activities (2018 baseline)

2022 Key Performances :

  • 141 employees (8% of total employees) participated in the “Innovation Bootcamp” (80 Domestic; 61 International)
  • 87% participant satisfaction rate
  • 5 projects developed under “Innovation Accelerator” program (1 Service Innovation and 4 Product Innovation projects)

Innovation Culture Survey

   The innovation capability has been improved; increased by 19%; while employee capability increased significantly by 27% and follow by organization capability by 11%​

   The 4 types of mindset has been improved as following: Disruptive type increased by 6%, Adaptive type increased by 28%, while Reactive type dropped by 34% and Conservative type dropped by 1% and this is shown that the company has been promoted various innovation activities in organization which is reflected the proportion of Adaptive type has been significantly increased from the previous survey

Monitoring results of Innovative Solutions







Not Start


2022 The outcome of innovation resulted in improvements


Cost saving

Thousand Baht


Time saving



Sales of new products

Thousand Baht