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Good Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy

We aim to be an organization that is sustainable and socially responsible in our communities.

GRI 413
ISO 26000

Management approach

    As we operate in a variety of communities in the region, we look towards achieving mutual growth and development in each and every one of them. This is done by continuous community engagement initiatives, supported by our ISO 26000: Social Responsibility framework that aids us to systematically build relationships and engage with community leaders, keep an open-door policy, share ideas, and proactively assist one another.

Policy : Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Stakeholders :

Communities, Road Users, Board of Directors, and Employees

Short-term goal :

  1. More than 85% Social Activities Satisfaction Score

Long-term goal :

  1. Conduct and develop projects for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Creating Shared Value (CSV) for our communities and provide a positive sustainable impact for all

2022 Key Performance :

  • Social Activities Satisfaction Score: 92.7%

Community Development Programs

      As we are committed to having a positive impact on all communities that we operate in, it is vital that we promote and maintain multiple channels of communication. This is so that we are able to proactively create dialogue with local community leaders and mutually explore means and opportunities to improve environmental and economic conditions. We have also appointed our Sustainable Development Officers to be the focal points of community relations and highlight any potential concerns or opportunities for us to assist our communities.

Overall Satisfaction
of Local Communities


Patching Pothole
with Tipco Premix

Preventing road accidents due to potholes on communal roads, Tipco Premix provides an economical means to alleviating transportation disruptions due to potholes. Its application is convenient and does not require any heavy machinery to apply.

Road Safety for Children

Under our “Road Safety for All” initiative, we have provided knowledge sharing and training sessions for children to improve traffic safety awareness during their daily commutes.

Basic Life Saving Project

For the benefit of the general public, we have trained our people how to use defibrillators and installed them at our facilities to provide emergency life-saving operation, albeit in the workplace or communities at large.

Smart Knowledge Sharing

As the foremost expert in asphalt and road construction and maintenance, we are able to share this knowledge with our communities for a better understanding of asphalt roads and the benefits it brings to our societies.

Higher Education Innovation
Contest Project

This initiative will be implemented under “การร่วมมือกันทางสังคม” project where the main objective is to improve operational effectiveness using modern technology.

Bueng Takhreng
Integrated Development

This project has created an integrated ecosystem that conserves and restores water resources, natural wildlife, and woodland preservation.