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Good Corporate Governance

We promote the interest of all stakeholders by adhering to ethical business practices based on transparency and traceability of our activities

GRI 102-31, GRI 102-18 and GRI 102-28
ISO 26000

Management approach

    We recognize the importance of corporate governance and the significant role it plays in our organization’s sustainable development. We adhere to the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s (SET) framework and evaluation for (1) Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies, (2) Annual General Meeting Checklist, and (3) Corporate Governance Code.

Policy : Corporate Governance Policy

Stakeholders :

Shareholders, Civil Societies, Academics, Media Outlets, Regulators, and Employees

Short-term goals :

  1. Corporate Governance Report: 5 Stars
  2. Annual General Meeting Checklist: ≥ 98%

Long-term goals :

  1. Highest Corporate Governance Guidelines recognition by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SET), and the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)

2022 Key Performance(s) :

  1. Corporate Governance Report: 5th consecutive year of 5 star rating
  2. Annual General Meeting Checklist: 98%
  3. TASCO received the Thaipat Institute Sustainability Disclosure Award in 2022 for the fourth consecutive year

Independent Directors


Independent Directors
our of Board of Directors

Women in Board


Female in Director

10 Non - Executive


With direct experience
in core business

Performance Indicators of the Chief Executive Officer

Financial indicators
Non-financial indicators
1. Revenue, GP, EBITDA and net profit margin targets
1. Strategic goals; execution and monitoring progress per Vision 2025
2. Market share of Thailand Business
2. ESG Performance
3. Market shares of international subsidiaries
3. Innovation Culture Rating
4. ROI, ROA, ROE, Total Shareholders’ Returns
4. Ensure implementation of enterprise risk management at International subsidiaries