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Supply Chain Management

TIPCO Asphalt Group grow businesses with trusted partners

GRI 308-1, GRI 414-1
ISO 26000 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001 and TLS 8001

Management approach

     The Group focused on sustainable supply chain to ensure smooth business operations especially during crises. Guided by our Sustainable Procurement Policy, we identified material issues related to economic, social, and environmental factors derived from within the Group and from business partners throughout our supply chain. The main objective is to ensure that our products and services are delivered on time with best quality guarantee. We also implement technologies in procurement management to improve effectiveness, transparency, resource allocation while ensuring business continuity.

Policy : Sustainable Procurement Policy   (Link PDF)

Stakeholders :

Supplier, panthers, customer and community

Short-term goals :

  1. At least 85% timely delivery of raw materials and packaging (transaction values per year)
  2. At least 99.5% quality of raw materials and packaging delivered (transaction values per year)
  3. At least 3 product categories procured from suppliers certified with ESG aspects
  4. At least 20 million baht local sourcing in Thailand

Long-term goals :

  1. Extend procurement processes covering all product categories
  2. Develop data analytics tools for procurement planning
  3. Improve sustainable procurement in line with international standards

Key Performances :

     We commit to improve the standards of our business partners and create good partnerships through knowledge sharing while engaging them with many activities for mutual understanding and sustainable growth of partnerships in line with our business directions.  We are aiming to extend it to our business partners across our supply chain. Therefore, we created Supplier Code of Conduct to serve as a guideline to suppliers partnering with the Group.

  1. 92.27% timely deliveries of raw materials and packaging (transaction values per year)
  2. 100% quality of raw materials and packaging delivered (transaction values per year)
  3. 33% of new partners or 5 Product categories procured from suppliers certified with environmental or social responsibility aspects.
  4. 22 Million baht of transaction values for local sourcing

Local Procurement

Local suppliers are important partners to us.
We set a 20-million-baht local purchase target in order to support economic of local communities through local sourcing where our business activities are located

Green Procurement

In Thailand, the trend on green procurement has grown among both public and private sectors and become one of the key tools used in tracking environmental issues. TIPCO Asphalt recognizes the importance of this and makes efforts towards sustainable procurement. We developed green procurement guidelines for supplier selection in line with government criteria such as Green Label. We also aim towards sustainable change in our production processes and consumption in the future

Total Local Procurement

Total Green Procurement