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Human Capital Management

Promote ecosystem of well-beings at work and work-life balance

GRI 401-1
ISO 26000 and TLS 8001

Management Approach

As our Vision 2025 Corporate Strategy emphasizes on ‘customer centric’, our human capital management gears all employee to accommodate such strategic approach. This is based on a notion that there is strong correlation between employee attitudes and customer satisfaction, which is translated to sales and profitability. In order to achieve this, our approach focuses on ‘employee-centric’ concept to ensure all employees enjoy working for the Group and stay proud of the works they accomplish. This ‘employee centric’ culture also creates working environment that allows great work-life balance and support employees’ creativity and ideas. We strongly believe that such move towards ‘employee centric’ culture would appeal to potential talented jobseekers and result in higher employee retention.

 Policy: Thai Labor Standard Policy (Link PDF

Stakeholder :

All Employees & Management, Board of Directors and Authorities

Short term goals :

1. 25% promotion rate or high caliber employees to management position
2. No more than 10% resignation rate
3. 100% rate of resuming work, after maternity leave

Long term goals :

1. 90-days Average Time to fill in recruitment, for manager level up
2. Quality of Hire criteria of high-potential employees who pass work evaluation during the first 6 months

Key Performance :

The Group develops a Job Competency Profile Manual for each position, as communication tool for employee development between supervisors and subordinates. A criterion was set on development needs assessment of at least once a year for employees as supplemental to Individual Development Plan (IDP) set forth by the Group for employees’ work development plan. This also serves as part of annual performance evaluation which comprises 3 steps; namely, Planning, Coaching and Reviewing. As for performance management, we follow systematic guidelines in Work Instruction throughout the organization, which is done via an online system so the management, supervisors and employees can utilize the database on evaluation and mutual understanding during communications. In addition, the database allows the Group to better manage annual salary and bonus adjustments according to performance evaluation results. Budget setting for annual salary and bonus adjustment is not based on the average score while each individual employee’s annual adjustment will be different depending upon his/her performance evaluation.

Promotion rate of high caliber employees to management positions


Proportion of employees
resuming their works after maternity leave


Rate of employee resignation