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Human Capital Management

We foster an ecosystem of work-life integration and personal well-being

GRI 401-1
ISO 26000 and TLS 8001

Management Approach

Through an employee-centric approach, we encourage employees to continually develop their skills and professional knowledge through trainings and career development programs to support their growth and future opportunities.

Policy: Thai Labor Standard Policy

Stakeholder :

Board of Directors and Employees and Authorities

Short term goals :

1. At least 25% of High Potential employees promoted to Management Level (2018-2020)
2. Employee turnover rate less than 10%

Long term goals :

1. Average 90 days to recruit vacant management positions
2. High-Potential hires must pass work evaluation within first 6 months
3. 100% succession planning across all targeted positions

2022 Key Performance :

  • 22% of High-Potential employees were promoted to management level in 2023
  • 10.4% Employee turnover rate

Promotion rate of high caliber employees to management positions


Proportion of employees
resuming their works after maternity leave


Rate of employee resignation