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SMART People (Training & Development)

Grow 'Smart' people through training and development

GRI 401-2, GRI 404-1
ISO 26000 and TLS 8001

Management Approach

Our learning and development strategy aims to provide solutions to business needs while helping TiPCO Asphalt to become a
leading, innovative company. Our Core Values; T I P C O, are basic foundations that build up grow the mindset and skills for our
people. In addition, set of the Group’s key business drivers were identified by the management as follows: 

1. Penetrate and Grow Global Business 
2. Create Competitiveness through Business Alliances 
3. Enhance Organizational Talents 
4. Promote efficient and innovative culture
From these business drivers, we developed the “Success Profiles” or sets of competencies for our senior management. This part
has also been set as objectives for succession planning in key management positions. For standard people development, we
cascaded busi
ness drivers into two categories of training; namely, Functional skill and Leadership, and named it the “Development Framework”

Policy: Thai Labor Standard Policy (Link PDF

Stakeholder :

All Employees, external training firms, lecturers and dcademic Institutes

Short-term goals :

1. At least 24 hours of training hours per staff per year (technical training and management skills)
2. 100% succession planning

Long-term goals :

1. Career development plan, as measured by progress in IDP for high-potential employees, must be greater than 75%
2. 100% succession planning across all target positions

Key Performance :

The Group combines knowledge learning process from Virtual and Online Classroom for employees to participate in online
activities. This allows employees to expose themselves to new learning through more variety of channels in particular, digital
learning platforms.
The Group places high priority on employee learning and capacity development to ensure they are equipped with know ledge,
expertise including their particular career interests through Up-skill, Re-skill and, New-skill approaches. We encourage and promote
self-learnings through electronic media and online platforms, at their own convenient time, so our employee can discover and work
about other areas or topics of their interests across all aspects on capability developments.

Number of training hour (only technical training and management skills)

Succession Planning