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Journey of Learning

Fostering an environment of learning

GRI 401-2, GRI 404-1
ISO 26000 and TLS 8001

Management Approach

Through a “growth mindset”, we look to effectively build a culture of innovation in the group that is able to foster and development new ideas. To do so we have adopted a variety of tools and formats to provide an environment and convenience of learning, albeit in the office, online, or off-site locations, with the full collaboration of each business unit to provide technical knowledge and experience to our people.

Policy: Thai Labor Standard Policy

Stakeholders :

Academic Institutes, External Training Firms, Lecturers, and Employees

Short-term goal :

  1. At least 24 hours of training per employee per year (technical training and management skills)

Long-term goals :

  1. At least 75% of High-Potential employees must pass their Individual Development Plans (IDP)
  2. Employee involvement in at least 1 Innovation project per year

2022 Key Performances :

  • 32 hours of training per employee for will cover both technical skills and management skills.
  • 2.31 hours of training per employee for environmental topics
  • 46 hours of all training per employee

Number of training hour (only technical training and management skills)