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Date Name of Article Download
25/08/2023 2023 Thailand Focus other-event presentation-and-webcast
05/04/2023 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholder other-event presentation-and-webcast
12/07/2022 Overview on our Sustainable Development and ESG in 2022 other-event presentation-and-webcast
18/08/2020 Meeting with Nikko Asset Management by Credit suisse other-event
14/08/2020 Group Meeting Conference Call by Maybank Kimeng other-event
13/08/2020 Group Meeting Conference Call by Capital Nomura other-event
27/05/2020 Group Meeting Conference Call by UOB other-event
14/05/2020 Group Meeting Conference Call by Maybank Kim Eng other-event
11/03/2020 Group Meeting Conference Call by Tisco other-event
25/02/2020 Group Meeting Conference Call by Credit Suisse other-event
14/01/2020 Investment Conference by Finansia Syrus other-event
13/09/2019 Singapore Thailand Corporate Day by Maybank Kim Eng other-event
03/09/2019 Group Meeting by Credit Suisse other-event
04/07/2019 Singapore Non Deal Roadshow with DBSV other-event
02/07/2019 Non Deal Roadshow with UOB other-event
30/08/2017 Meeting with SCB Securities Co., Ltd. other-event
06/07/2017 Meeting with Kabouter Management (US) other-event
29/06/2017 Meeting with ASL Securities Co., Ltd. other-event
27/03/2017 Meeting with Bualuang Securities other-event
24/02/2017 Meeting with Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss, Inc. other-event
17/11/2016 Meeting with Singular Asset Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. other-event
19/02/2016 Meeting with Local Institutional funds other-event
03/09/2015 Tisco Corporate Day other-event
20/03/2017 TISCO CEO Insights other-event
29/08/2019 Thailand Focus 2019 other-event
30/08/2018 Thailand Focus 2018 other-event
31/08/2017 Thailand Focus 2017 other-event
02/09/2016 Thailand Focus 2016 other-event
03/12/2015 Thailand Focus 2015 other-event
08/03/2016 SET Thai Corporate Day 2016 other-event
27/01/2015 Thai Corporate Day 2015 other-event
14/07/2015 Thai Corporate Access Day (Hosted by DBS Vickers Securities) other-event
24/05/2016 Thailand’s New Drive in Hong Kong other-event
17/06/2015 Roadshow in Hatyai other-event
10/07/2015 Pulse of Asia Conference in Singapore (Hosted by DBS Vickers Securities) other-event
25/05/2017 Meeting Pulse of Asia Conference Hong Kong (Hosted by DBS Vickers Securities) other-event
18/01/2017 Meeting with S.E.A. Asset Management other-event
13/09/2016 Meeting with Quest Management Inc. other-event
22/08/2017 Meeting with Mondrian Investment Partners Ltd, London other-event
23/05/2017 Meeting with Macquarie Asset Management - HK other-event
13/10/2016 Meeting with Lynas Capital Limited other-event
27/03/2017 Meeting with KTB Securities (Thailand) other-event
28/05/2015 Meeting with Krungsi Asset Management other-event
18/11/2016 Meeting with SCB Securities Co., Ltd. other-event
17/08/2016 Meeting with Pinebridge investment other-event
27/05/2015 Meeting with Daiwa Asset Management (Singapore) Ltd. other-event
30/08/2016 Meeting with Bualuang securities other-event
22/08/2016 Meeting with Krungsri Asset Management other-event
04/07/2016 KGI Corporate Day other-event
24/06/2019 Non Deal Roadshow with Finansia Syrus other-event
24/06/2016 DBS Corporate day other-event
27/11/2015 2-2015 Bank Meeting other-event
01/06/2016 ASEAN C-suite Forum 2016 in Singapore other-event