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Customer Health and Safety

We promote and strongly encourage Customer Health and Safety awareness

GRI 416
ISO 26000 and ISO 45001

Management Approach

Throughout our business activities and across our value chain, we emphasize the need to constantly be aware of health and safety requirements, especially where our customers are involved. This comes in the form of continuous communication and knowledge sharing on health and safety guidelines, from product pick-ups, deliveries, storage, and application. Not to mention usage of our product at customer on-site locations.

Policy : Integrated Management System Policy

Stakeholders :

Customers, Communities, Outsource Service Providers, Government Agencies, and Employees

Short term goals :

  1. Provide technical advice and safe operations in construction and general safety knowledge 
  2. No less than 85% customer satisfaction with products and services

Long-term goals :

  1. Create partnerships in technical road construction for road construction safety

2022 Key Performances (s) :

  • Provided 8 technical advice and safe operations
  • 93.45% Customer satisfaction with products and services 
  • Due to COVID-19, migrated knowledge sharing and safety awareness activities to online platforms


Number of complaints relating to health and safety form products and services