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Road Traffic Safety

Safety on logistics and product delivery services

GRI 403-9
ISO 26000 ISO 45001 and ISO 39001

Management Approach

Delivery of asphalt and other products is regarded as one of the core components to our business successes. We place top priority on the well-being of our drivers and take every precaution to ensure their safety and that of other related stakeholders. The Group recognizes the importance of road traffic safety and commits to safe ground transportation activities, hence preventing road accidents or impacts to stakeholders along transportation routes while promoting work safety during delivery. This was achieved through the development of road traffic safety management system. Since 2015, the Group was certified with ISO 39001: 2012 (Road
Traffic Safety Management system) for all 5 local plants in Phrapradaeng, Phitsanulok, Nakorn Ratchasima, Rayong, Suratthani including the Head Quarter in Bangkok. This helps improve upon satisfactions from our customers and other stakeholders related to the Group’s transportation services. It is the Group’s pride to help the society road accident prevention, in line with the government’s direction toward “decade of public road safety”.

Policy : Road Traffic Safety Management Policy (Link PDF)

Stakeholders :

Employees, Outsource, and Community

Short term goals :

  1. 0.31 % of severe product delivery accidents per million km
  2. Zero road user complaint on product delivery
  3. Zero case of product leakage during delivery

Long-term goals :

  1. 0.31 % of severe product delivery accidents per million km
  2. Zero road user complaint on product delivery
  3. Zero case of product spillage during delivery
  4. 85% Minimum satisfaction score from customers, road users, and relevant stakeholders

Key Performances :

We utilize digital applications and online platforms to improve logistics safety. This includes an automatic alert system of risky delivery routes especially for large trucks. Our centralized logistics team work closely with sales team and customers to identify risky routes in customers’ work sites as well. Data can be conveniently accessed with self-learning tools through an application before our trucks departing for work sites. Through our centralized control room based at Phrapradaeng Plant, we monitor logistics activities in real-time; 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Any irregularities or potential risk exposures will be directly reported to responsible units or outsourced drivers to conduct further inspections and then report the results back to the Centralized Logistics Management Team.

  1. Zero severe truck accident per million vehicle km
  2. Zero road user complaints on the safety of our delivery trucks
  3. Zero product spillage during delivery

Complaints on Safety and occupational health



Accident Fatalities from Domestic Delivery