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Pollution Management

TIPCO Asphalt Group strives to reduce pollution for a better environment

GRI 305-7 ISO 26000 ISO 14001 and ISO 14064
ISO 26000 and ISO 14001

Management Approach

Our environmental management is executed within the ISO14001 environmental management system framework in conjunction with prevailing regulations, to prevent and minimize environmental impacts caused by our business activities. In accordance with our Environment Policy, the Group reassesses our business operations and impacts on the environment. Some of our business operations might cause some pollution impacts, in particular fuel consumption for asphalt production and raw materials spillage in large storage tanks that contaminating the environment. Policy : Environmental Policy (Link PDF)

Stakeholder :

Supplier, Customer, Government, and Community

Short term goals :

1. Air pollution in accordance with regulation limits
2. No complaint associated with the  environment

Long-term goals :

1. No complaint associated with the environmen

Key Performances :

    The Group established action plans on control, prevention, and progress monitoring on all our operations in accordance with work instructions related to the environment. There were also assessments on environmental quality conducted at production plants and asphalt storage facilities, at least on annual basis. We also monitor biodiversity impacts through an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) every 6 months in accordance with regulations. Budget was allocated for Bund Wall improvements in asphalt production areas to prevent raw materials and product spillage from storage tanks to the enviroment.


Complaint on
Environment-related case


3 Hot oil induction leakage incidents with 1.78 tons from the installation of hot oil units

More than 95% of hot oil leakage in Bund Watt can be recycled with no contamination to soil or natural water sources