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The Board of Directors recognizes the importance of corporate governance in the Company’s sustainable growth path, creating shareholder values, and securing trust from all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, competitors, and creditors. The Board of Directors and management have, therefore, been promoting good corporate governance practices within the Company, subsidiaries and affiliates.

The Company has joined the “Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) and was certified on November 10, 2017 To further improve our corporate governance standard, the Company has adopted the corporate governance code for listed companies 2017 (CG Code) by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Board of Directors considered and reviewed CG Code to determine the sustainability to the Company’s business.

We are pleased to inform that the Company was “Excellent or 5 stars”, i.e. the highest ranking of Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies 2021 (CGR) by the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) for four consecutive years. In addition, the Company received 98 points out of full score 100 point on the Annual General Meeting Checklist from the Thai Investors Association and included in the Thailand Sustainability Investment list in 2021 for 4 consecutive years.


Corporate Governance Policy

Date Name of Article Download
13/05/2024 Tax Policy announcement-policy
08/05/2020 Policy on the appointment of directors and executives to subsidiary and associated company announcement-policy
13/11/2023 Environmental and Climate Policy announcement-policy
13/11/2023 Sustainable Procurement Policy announcement-policy
27/11/2019 Anti-Corruption Guideline Manual announcement-policy
24/05/2021 Road Traffic Safety Management Policy announcement-policy
22/08/2022 Integrated Management System Policy announcement-policy
24/05/2021 Innovation Policy announcement-policy
12/11/2021 Anti-Corruption Guideline Manual announcement-policy
12/01/2022 Announcement IT Security Policy announcement-policy
12/05/2021 Announcement No.1/2021 Sustainability Development Policy announcement-policy
12/05/2021 Announcement No.3/2021 Stakeholder Engagement Policy announcement-policy
01/06/2017 Announcement No.4/2017 Road Traffic Safety Management Policy announcement-policy
15/01/2019 Announcement No.003/2019 Disclosure Policy announcement-policy
15/01/2019 Announcement No.2/2019 Policy on Director Qualifications and Nomination announcement-policy
04/07/2018 Announcement No. 7/2018 Integrated Management System Policy announcement-policy
08/11/2019 Announcement No.007/2019 Policy on lnnovation announcement-policy
12/05/2021 Announcement No.4/2021 Human Rights Policy announcement-policy
11/05/2023 Announcement No.007/2023 Enterprise Risk Management Policy announcement-policy
12/05/2021 Announcement No.5/2021 Environmental Policy announcement-policy
12/05/2021 Announcement No.2/2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy announcement-policy
11/08/2021 Corporate Policy of Tipco Asphalt Public Company Limited No.11/2021 announcement-policy
13/08/2019 Announcement No.006/2019 Anti-Corruption Policy announcement-policy
14/08/2014 Announcement No.14/2014 Corporate Governance Policy announcement-policy
14/08/2014 Announcement No.11/2014 Sustainable Procurement Policy announcement-policy
14/08/2014 Announcement No.11/2014 announcement-policy